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  • The Cooper Companies was named one of the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area by Bay Area News Group for the fourth consecutive year.
  • The Cooper Companies was ranked among the 40 Best Companies for Leaders by Chief Executive Magazine and Chally Group Worldwide for the third consecutive year.
  • The Cooper Companies was selected as one of the top Healthiest Employers in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal for the third consecutive year.
  • The Cooper Companies announced that CooperVision reached an agreement to sell Aime, its rigid gas permeable contact lens and solutions business in Japan, to Nippon Contact Lens Inc. Subsequently, the Company announced the completion of the sale.
  • The Cooper Companies closed a $300 million 5-year Senior Unsecured Term loan.
  • CooperVision and its employees, with the support of The Cooper Companies, donated $100,000 in support of Optometry Giving Sight’s 2013 World Sight Day Challenge.
  • CooperVision launched its Biofinity® XR contact lenses – the only extended range monthly contact lens brand with Aquaform® Technology.
  • CooperVision introduced MyDay®, its first silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens with availability in Europe.
  • CooperVision announced a Science and Technology (S&T) Awards Program to bring recipients and CooperVision scientists together to explore new areas of technology advancement.
  • CooperVision launched a new website for U.S. military personnel with proceeds to help the Wounded Warrior Project®.
  • CooperSurgical released its new MityOne® Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System for vaginal and C-section deliveries.

  • The Cooper Companies was named one of the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area by Bay Area News Group for the third consecutive year. The Company was also a Special Award Winner for Benefits and mentioned for its communications.
  • The Cooper Companies was ranked among the 40 Best Companies for Leaders by Chief Executive Magazine and Chally Group Worldwide for the second consecutive year.
  • The Cooper Companies was selected as one of the top Healthiest Employers in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal for the second consecutive year.
  • The Cooper Companies was named one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.
  • The Cooper Companies amended its share repurchase program, increasing the total authorized repurchase amount to $300.0 million from $150.0 million of its common stock.
  • The Cooper Companies, CooperVision and their employees donated $100,000 to support Optometry Giving Sight’s 2012 World Sight Day Challenge.
  • The Cooper Companies commenced a voluntary tender offer for Origio and subsequently announced the completion of the acquisition a month later.
  • The Cooper Companies amended its Senior Unsecured Credit Facility. The aggregate commitment of the Senior Unsecured Revolving Line of Credit was increased to $1.0 billion from $750.0 million.
  • CooperVision established a new operating region that includes India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Turkey, Russia and Africa.
  • CooperVision renewed its support of U.S. military personnel through a partnership with the Armed Forces Optometric Society and the Wounded Warrior Project®.
  • CooperVision launched Proclear® 1 day multifocal daily disposable contact lenses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a number of European countries.
  • CooperSurgical launched the reengineered Carter-Thomason® II Port Closure System, which ensures safer, quicker port site closure for average to obese patients undergoing a range of laparoscopic procedures.

  • The Cooper Companies was named one of the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area by Bay Area News Group for the second consecutive year. The Company was also a Special Award Winner for Work/Life Flexibility.
  • The Cooper Companies was ranked among the 40 Best Companies for Leaders by Chief Executive Magazine and Chally Group Worldwide.
  • The Cooper Companies was selected as one of the top Healthiest Employers in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.
  • The Cooper Companies announced a $150 million share repurchase program.
  • The Cooper Companies announced its subsidiary CooperVision had initiated a voluntary recall of limited lots of Avaira® Toric. Subsequently, the Company announced that CooperVision had expanded its recall to include the replacement of limited lots of Avaira® Sphere.
  • The Cooper Companies announced a $1 billion five-year Senior Unsecured Credit Facility and redemption of its 7.125% Senior Notes due 2015.
  • CooperVision achieved a milestone of over $1 billion in sales during fiscal year 2011.
  • CooperVision expanded geographically with acquisitions in the Czech Republic and Mexico, allowing CooperVision to sell directly into those countries.
  • CooperVision launched Biofinity® Multifocal in the United States and France and Biofinity® Sphere in Japan.
  • CooperVision introduced its new corporate brand positioning and visual identity.
  • CooperVision announced the national rollout of Avaira® Toric silicone hydrogel lenses for astigmatic patients in the United States.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Summit Doppler Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of hand-held ultrasound Doppler products used to detect fetal heart beat and monitor blood flow.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Apple Medical Corp., a provider of medical devices, instruments and equipment for professionals in obstetrics and gynecology.

  • The Cooper Companies was named one of the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area by Bay Area News Group.
  • The Cooper Companies expanded its Wellness Program to now include the United States, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Canada and Belgium.
  • CooperVision closed the acquisition of certain assets of Asahikasei Aime in Japan.
  • CooperVision launched Biofinity® Multifocal in select EMEA markets.
  • CooperVision’s Biofinity®, Biofinity® Toric and Avaira® brand contact lenses were awarded Product of Choice status with Luxottica Group S.p.A. in their respective categories.
  • CooperSurgical acquired the Her Option® Global Endometrial Ablation product line from American Medical Systems Holdings, Inc.
  • CooperSurgical acquired JLJ Medical Devices, a manufacturer of a laparoscopic smoke filtration system for the hospital market.
  • CooperSurgical opened a new headquarters building in Trumbull, Connecticut to satisfy demand for increased manufacturing and product design capabilities.



  • The Cooper Companies launched a Wellness Program encouraging employees to make lifestyle changes through physical activity, diet and nutritional training.
  • CooperVision announced plans to discontinue operations at its soft contact lens manufacturing facility in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • CooperVision launched LensLocator®, a first of its kind online tool for doctors to easily search for CooperVision’s contact lenses.
  • CooperVision launched Biofinity® Toric in the United States and Europe.
  • CooperVision launched Proclear® 1 Day in Japan.

  • The Cooper Companies announced Robert S. Weiss as President, following his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in 2007.
  • CooperVision received extended wear approval in the United States for Biofinity.
  • CooperVision launched Avaira® Sphere, its two-week silicone hydrogel contact lens in the United States.
  • CooperVision established a direct sales presence in Hong Kong, expanding its presence in Greater China.
  • CooperVision expanded its Puerto Rico manufacturing site to increase production.

  • The Cooper Companies announced Robert S. Weiss as Chief Executive Officer, replacing A. Thomas Bender who remained as Chairman of the Board.
  • CooperVision established a direct sales presence in mainland China by opening an office in Shanghai.
  • CooperVision launched its Proclear® daily lens in the United States and Europe.
  • CooperVision completed the majority of its Gen II manufacturing upgrade, significantly expanding capacity.
  • CooperVision launched Biofinity®, its monthly replacement silicone hydrogel contact lens in the United States.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Wallach Surgical Devices, a manufacturer of diagnostic and therapeutic medical instruments primarily for in-office use.

  • CooperVision initiated production of silicone hydrogel lenses (Biofinity®).
  • CooperVision Surgical shut down through an asset sale.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Select Medical Systems, Inc. a manufacturer of disposable in-office fertility products.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Lone Star Medical Products, Inc., a manufacturer of medical devices that improve the management of the surgical site.

  • CooperVision completed a merger with Ocular Sciences, Inc., a global manufacturer and marketer of soft contact lens, making CooperVision the world’s third largest soft contact lens company.
  • CooperVision established marketing, distribution and administrative operations in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • CooperSurgical acquired NeoSurg Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of reusable and disposable trocar access systems used in laparoscopic surgery.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Inlet Medical, a manufacturer of trocar closure systems and pelvic floor reconstruction procedure kits.

  • CooperVision acquired the assets of AlphaCor, an artificial cornea, and AlphaSphere, a soft orbital implant, from Argus Biomedical Pty Ltd. and created CooperVision Surgical.
  • CooperVision acquired Les Laboratories Opti-Centre Inc., a contact lens manufacturer which held patents covering CooperVision’s multifocal lens design technology.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Milex Products, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of obstetric and gynecologic products and customized print services.

  • CooperSurgical acquired product lines for treatment of female urinary incontinence from SURx, Inc.
  • CooperSurical acquired Avalon Medical Corporation, the United States distributor of the Filshie™ Clip System, a device used worldwide for female sterilization.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Prism Enterprises, LP, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices and other disposable products for the obstetric, neonatal and gynecological markets.
  • CooperVision Pharmaceuticals dissolved as a separate operating entity.

  • The Cooper Companies elected A. Thomas Bender Chairman of the Board.
  • CooperVision acquired Biocompatibles Eyecare Inc., a manufacturer of specialty contact lenses including the Proclear® line of products.
  • CooperVision’s marketing partner in Japan, Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. was cleared by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare to market and sell an expanded product offering which included CooperVision’s disposable spherical, aspheric, toric and multifocal contact lenses.
  • CooperSurgical completed a significant expansion of its facilities in Trumbull, Connecticut to support its growing business.
  • CooperSurgical acquired the bone densitometry business of Norland Medical Systems, Inc.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Sage BioPharma, a supplier of products for infertility.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Ackrad Laboratories, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of disposable medical devices used primarily in the assessment of infertility and other gynecologic disorders.

  • CooperVision acquired CL-Tinters Oy (CLT), a manufacturer of cosmetic contact lenses.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Medscand Medical AB, a Swedish corporation, and Medscand (USA), Inc., an affiliated company. Medscand developed, manufactured and marketed specimen collection products used to detect cervical cancer.
  • CooperSurgical acquired LuMax™ Fiber Optic Cystometry System from Medamicus, Inc. The system helped diagnose the cause of female incontinence.

  • CooperVision launched three new specialty lens products: Frequency® Aspheric in the United States following its overseas introduction in 1999; Frequency® Colors in Europe; and Encore Colors® in Canada.
  • CooperSurgical acquired MedaSonics, Inc., a manufacturer of hand-held and compact Doppler ultrasound systems used in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as in cardiology and other medical specialties.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Leisegang Medical, Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of precision instruments for women’s healthcare.



  • The Cooper Companies sold the MeadowWood Hospital property to Focus Healthcare and then the remaining properties of its Hospital Group of America psychiatric service business to Universal Health Services, Inc.
  • CooperVision launched an enhanced website and announced its e-commerce strategy to market its products via the Internet.
  • CooperVision’s Japanese marketing partner, Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., received Japanese regulatory approval to sell CooperVision’s conventional spherical and toric contact lenses under the Rohto i.Q. brand.
  • CooperSurgical acquired a group of women’s healthcare products from BEI Medical Systems Company, Inc., including a uterine manipulator and other products for the gynecological surgery market.

  • CooperVision launched two new toric contact lenses in the United States including Hydrasoft® Toric Options, a custom planned replacement lens for astigmatic patients, and Frequency 55® Toric, a disposable-planned replacement toric lens designed for two-week or monthly replacement.
  • CooperVision launched Frequency 55® Sphere in North America and Europe.
  • CooperSurgical introduced three new product lines: Cerveillance Scope, CooperSurgical® Infrared Coagulator and FemExam pH and Amines TestCard™.

  • CooperVision acquired Aspect Vision Care, Ltd., a manufacturer of contact lenses sold primarily in the United Kingdom and other European countries, expanding its product line and establishing a presence in the European market.
  • CooperVision broadened its line of specialty contact lenses by purchasing Wesley Jessen’s Natural Touch line of cosmetic soft contact lenses, used to change or enhance the natural color of the eye.
  • CooperVision signed an exclusive agreement with Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd., a leader in nonprescription ophthalmic and contacts lens care products in Japan, giving Rohto exclusive marketing rights to CooperVision’s products in Japan and other Pacific Rim countries when approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health. This paved the way for CooperVision’s entrance into the Japanese market.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Hyskon, a hysteroscopy fluid used by gynecologists in certain surgical procedures.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Marlow Surgical Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of minimally invasive surgical products and disposable products for reproductive medicine including laparoscopic instruments.
  • CooperSurgical signed a distribution agreement to market Zeppelin hysterectomy clamps and scissors and launched the Carter Tubal Assistant™, an internally developed product for postpartum tubal ligation.

  • CooperVision doubled its contact lens manufacturing capacity in Scottsville, New York to support increased demand for its contact lenses.
  • CooperSurgical acquired Unimar, Inc. a provider of specialty disposable medical devices for gynecology.

  • The Cooper Companies announced A. Thomas Bender as President and Chief Executive Officer.
  • CooperSurgical acquired worldwide rights to the RUMI® uterine manipulator injector and related products from Blairden Precision Instruments.

  • CooperVision introduced Preference® Toric, a frequent replacement lens, which enabled CooperVision to compete in the fast-growing toric planned replacement market segment.
  • CooperSurgical entered into an agreement with InnerDyne, Inc. relating to InnerDyne’s proprietary thermal ablation technology for gynecological applications such as the control of excessive uterine bleeding.

  • CooperVision acquired CoastVision, Inc., a contact lens company that designed, manufactured and marketed soft toric lenses. This acquisition enabled CooperVision to expand into an additional niche in the contact lens market.
  • CooperVision Pharmaceuticals sold its EYEScrub product line but retained the rights to market two medical product kits which included EYEScrub.
  • CooperVision Pharmaceuticals began to market a line of prescription and over-the-counter ophthalmic pharmaceuticals.

  • On October 29, 1992, the Delaware Chancery Court in Medical Engineering Corp. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company v. The Cooper Companies ruled that The Cooper Companies is responsible for product liability claims and obligations relating to breast implants sold by Natural Y Surgical Specialties, Inc. before December 14, 1988, irrespective of where the claims are brought.
  • On September 28, 1993, The Cooper Companies entered into an agreement with Medical Engineering Corp. settling the litigation between The Cooper Companies and Bristol Myers Squibb Company and Medical Engineering Corp. Medical Engineering Corp. agreed to take responsibility for all legal fees and other costs, and to pay all judgments and settlements, resulting from all pending and future claims in respect to breast implants sold by Aesthetech and Natural Y prior to their acquisition by Medical Engineering Corp. The Cooper Companies withdrew its appeal of the Delaware Chancery Court decision and agreed to make certain payments to Medical Engineering Corp.
  • Original HGA Corp. merged into The Cooper Companies and changed its name to Hospital Group of America. Hospital Group of America then acquired three facilities providing both psychiatric and substance abuse treatment for children, adolescents and adults.
  • CooperSurgical received FDA market clearance to introduce several new products: ProTouch Gynecologic Resectoscope – 15° and 30°, ProTouch Electrodes, LSS 500 Electronic Laparoscopic Insufflator and LSS 700 High Intensity Xenon Light Source.

  • CooperSurgical acquired Euro-Med, Inc., a developer and marketer of surgical instruments principally used for performing gynecologic procedures.
  • CooperSurgical received FDA market clearance to introduce eight new products: LEEP System 6000®, LEEP RediKit®, CooperSurgical® Smoke Evacuation System 6080, Hysteroscopes and accessories, Medical camera and light source, Hysteroflater, Diagnostic Hysteroscopy RediKit and Potocky Needle®.
  • CooperSurgical received royalty-free rights to manufacture and distribute Staar Surgical’s foldable intraocular lenses (IOLs) as well as rights to purchase private label and hard and soft IOLs from Staar.
  • CooperSurgical signed an exclusive agreement with S.A. Manufacture Belge de Gembloux of Belgium to market instruments specifically designed and manufactured for use in minimally invasive abdominal surgical procedures. Products were marketed under the ENDOMED® brand name.

  • The Cooper Companies began expansion into two other areas of healthcare beyond contact lenses – ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and minimally invasive surgery markets.
  • The Cooper Companies restructured into three operating divisions: CooperVision, CooperVision Pharmaceuticals and CooperSurgical.
  • The Cooper Companies acquired certain assets manufactured by Frigitronics of Connecticut, Inc., consisting of cryosurgical instruments and diagnostic devices.
  • CooperVision Pharmaceuticals acquired two ophthalmic products – EYEscrub and Lipo-Tears Lubricating Eye Drops.
  • CooperVision Pharmaceuticals entered into a licensing agreement pursuant to which it acquired the rights to Verapamil, a compound developed for topical administration to the eye to lower intraocular pressure in patients suffering from ocular hypertension or glaucoma.
  • CooperSurgical purchased Euro-Med® Endoscope. The primary product acquired in the transaction was an office hysteroscopy system.



  • The Cooper Companies sold its contact lens business outside of the United States and Canada to subsidiaries of Pilkington plc.
  • The Cooper Companies sold Cooper Surgical, its ophthalmic surgical products business, to Alcon Laboratories, Inc., a subsidiary of Nestle, S.A.
  • The Cooper Companies sold Cooper Technicon, its medical diagnostics product business, to Miles Inc., a subsidiary of Bayer USA, Inc.

  • The Cooper Companies divested itself of Natural Y Surgical Specialties and Aesthetech Corp. but, in the process, retained their liabilities. Both companies were sold to Medical Engineering Corp. a subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. The Cooper Companies was a defendant in more than 2,600 breast implant lawsuits relating to the mammary prosthesis business of Aesthetech Corp. and Natural Y Surgical Specialties.
  • The Cooper Companies’ Board of Directors authorized and directed the company to immediately pursue a sale of each of its principal businesses or to sell or merge the company as a whole.
  • The Cooper Companies sold its contact lens care solutions business in the United States to Wesley-Jessen Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schering-Plough Corp.
  • The Cooper Companies sold its Aquaflex soft contact lens business in the United States and Japan to Wesley-Jessen.
  • Cooper LaserSonics changed its name to Cooper Life Sciences, and sold all its operating businesses during 1988 and 1989.

  • CooperVision, Inc. changed its name to The Cooper Companies, Inc and The Cooper Companies was organized into three groups: Cooper Technicon, Cooper Surgical and CooperVision.
  • The Cooper Companies acquired Natural Y Surgical Specialties and Aesthetech Corp., both of which manufactured and sold breast implants.
  • Cooper LaserSonics sold its Machida America, Inc. business back to its former owners.
  • Cooper LaserSonics sold its ion laser business to Lexel Lasers, Inc.

  • Cooper LaserSonics sold the rights, title and interest in the assets related to its dental manufacturing division to Dentsply Holdings Inc.
  • Cooper Biomedical changed its name to Cooper Development Company and was then combined with Technicon Instruments Corp, (acquired from Revlon) to form Cooper Technicon.
  • CooperVision acquired Cilco, Inc. and Richards Medical Company from Rorer Group, Inc. Richards was subsequently sold a few months later to Smith & Nephew Associated Companies plc, London, England. Cilco was sold in 1989 along with the sale of Cooper Surgical.
  • CooperVision sold its ophthalmic pharmaceutical business to Johnson & Johnson.
  • CooperVision acquired R. Kelvin Watson and an 80% interest in Henly’s Optical Group, two retail optical chains in the United Kingdom. Both were subsequently sold in 1987 to Dolland & Aitchison Group PLC.

  • Cooper Laboratories filed for dissolution, leaving CooperVision, Cooper LaserSonics and CooperBiomedical as three separate businesses.
  • Cooper LaserSonics acquired Machida America, Inc, a developer and manufacturer of flexible endoscopes.
  • CooperBiomedical acquired Dynatech Fluid Technology Corp., which had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynatech Corp.
  • CooperVision acquired exclusive worldwide rights to patents and technology for certain types of intraocular lenses (IOLs) made of pure silicon.
  • CooperVision acquired KOI, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of WRK Works, Inc., through a merger with WRK.
  • CooperVision acquired Southwest Medical Packaging, Inc. and a related company through a merger. It also acquired all the outstanding stock of J.D. Moeller Optische Werke GmbH.

  • Cooper Laboratories sold Oral-B Laboratories, Inc. to The Gillette Company and most of the remaining assets of its Dermatology subsidiary to S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. CooperCare, Inc. was then dissolved.
  • CooperVision introduced Permaflex®, a third generation extended wear lens with a flexible wearing cycle.
  • CooperVision acquired Reliable Materials Engineering, a manufacturer of haptic material, for its IOL division.
  • CooperVision introduced the DEMAND System for cost-effective chemistry analysis, acquired the distribution rights for two automated diagnostic systems, and introduced a second product in the innovative LEAP series of liposome-enhanced immunodiagnostic tests.
  • CooperBiomedical acquired Worthington Diagnostic Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flow General, Inc.
  • Cooper LaserSonics acquired Plasma Kinetics, Inc., a manufacturer of metal vapor lasers, and Merrimack Laboratories, Inc., a manufacturer of CO2 laser systems.

  • Cooper Laboratories celebrated its 25th anniversary and established two of its four operating groups (CooperVision, Inc. and CooperBiomedical, Inc.) as separate public companies through initial public offerings of shares of common stock of each.
  • Cooper Medical Corp. changed its name to Cooper LaserSonics, Inc.
  • CooperVision received FDA approval for 30-day continuous wear for Permalens®.
  • CooperVision acquired UCO Optics, which included the Aquaflex line of daily wear soft lenses and hard gas permeable lenses, and the Scottville, New York manufacturing facility. This acquisition made CooperVision the second largest contact lens company in the world at that time.
  • CooperVision introduced the latest refinement of the Kelman Phaco-Emulsifier (KPE) for cataract removal.
  • CooperVision completed two acquisitions – Laboratories Ysoptic and Union Optics Corporation, Ltd.

  • Cooper Medical Devices Corp. changed its name to Cooper Medical Corp., specializing in the development and marketing of laser and ultrasound surgical and diagnostic instruments.

  • Cooper Laboratories organized its businesses on a worldwide basis to include Cooper Medical Devices Corp. as a fourth operating business group.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired Cavitron Corp., a manufacturer of devices used in ophthalmology and preventive dentistry. This acquisition brought into Cooper Medical Devices Corp, a Lasersonics unit, which became the second-largest domestic maker of medical laser equipment.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired BHP, Inc., a manufacturer of diagnostics.
  • CooperVision received approval from the FDA to sell Permalens® extended-wear soft contact lens for general vision correction.
  • CooperVision acquired Medicornea Intraocular, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of intraocular lenses. This acquisition started the company’s IOL (intraocular lens) activities.
  • CooperVision acquired International Lens Corp., a developer of a unique lens molding technology.

  • Cooper Laboratories reorganized into three business groups: CooperVision, CooperCare, and Cooper Biomedical.
  • CooperVision was incorporated in Delaware on March 4, 1980.
  • Cooper Laboratories received approval from Japan’s Ministry of Welfare for the import and sale of Permalens in Japan.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired three firms that developed, manufactured and sold biological reagents to the clinical and research laboratory field, and established a program to investigate “biotechnology.”



  • Cooper Laboratories launched Permalens® extended-wear soft contact lens in the United States, its first soft contact lens product in the U.S. market. The company received FDA approval for use by post-cataract patients.
  • Cooper Laboratories launched Unisol in the United States, a disinfecting solution for soft contact lenses, giving the company entry into the soft lens-care market.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired Duragel soft contact lenses, a complement to the Permalens line.
  • Cooper Medical Devices Corp. was incorporated in Delaware on March 1, 1979.

  • Cooper Laboratories reorganized the company into independent business units focused on specialized market segments: Cooper Laboratories (for internal medicine and skin care), CooperVision (for eye care and treatment), Cooper Dental (for oral health), Cooper Medical Devices (for various diagnostic and surgical procedures) and Cooper International (for all Cooper operations outside the United States, except for Cooper Medical Devices).
  • Cooper Laboratories sold its investment in Revlon, Inc.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired Pacemaker Corp., an innovator in fluoride treatment products and application systems.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired two firms involved in obstetrics/gynecology, KLI, Inc. and Gynemed.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired National Brush Company.
  • Cooper Laboratories purchased the Lensine line of contact lens solution from Abbott Laboratories.

  • Cooper Laboratories marketed two new non-prescription products acquired with Flow Pharmaceuticals: nu-Flow (a soapless shampoo) and d-SEB (a gel skin cleanser).
  • Cooper Laboratories invested in the devices business of Berkeley Bio-Medical, Inc. and the resulting business was renamed Cooper Medical Devices Corp.

  • Cooper Laboratories completed the purchase of Flow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Cooper Laboratories invested in Barnes-Hind Pharmaceuticals, Inc., who then entered into a merger with Revlon, Inc. Cooper Laboratories received shares of Revlon common stock as a temporary investment.
  • Cooper Laboratories filed Investigational New Drug Applications relating to its new soft contact lenses.
  • Cooper Laboratories launched Permalens® extended-wear contact lenses in Canada.
  • Cooper Laboratories introduced Oral-B toothbrushes in the United States and France.

  • Cooper Laboratories introduced Vabra Aspirator to the OB/GYN marketplace.

  • Cooper Laboratories expanded globally, establishing facilities in multiple locations around the world.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired the assets of Ankermann & Co., G.m.b.H, a German company principally engaged in the manufacture of internal medical products.

  • Cooper Laboratories created the Cooper Biomedical group after financing the development of a line of microsurgical instruments.
  • Cooper Laboratories acquired Smith, Miller & Patch, Inc., a manufacturer of a broad line of medical products primarily for the treatment of the eye, ear, nose and throat.

  • Cooper Laboratories acquired Chemway Corp. which included Oral-B Company, a manufacturer of dental products including toothbrushes.



  • Cooper Laboratories entered the oral health business through the acquisition of Amosan, a mouth rinse primarily promoted to dentists.

  • Cooper Tinsley Laboratories changed its name to Cooper Laboratories, Inc.

  • Cooper Tinsley Laboratories acquired the Aveeno line of dermatologicals, which initiated its entry into the skin care business.

  • Cooper Tinsley Laboratories went public.

  • Martin H. Smith Co. was incorporated in Delaware as Cooper Tinsley Laboratories, Inc.



  • The Cooper Companies’ predecessor started as the Martin H. Smith Co.

Updated as of December 31, 2013


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