#NIAW2023: What Does LGBTQ+ Infertility Look Like? 1We hear all the time about families struggling to conceive, but the term “circumstantial infertility” remains fairly new. So, what is circumstantial infertility? Circumstantial infertility refers to the family-building dreams of LGBTQ+ people and independent parents-to-be.

In both cases, biological family building will require assistance from a gamete donor.

What are some options for LGBTQ+ families?  

  • Selecting a sperm donor: Those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community can select a donor from a sperm bank, such as CooperSurgical’s California Cryobank®. The process of donor sperm qualification at California Cryobank is extensive and sets a solid foundation for sperm donor selection built on a stringent, industry-leading screening process.
  • Selecting an egg donor:  There are many reasons why an individual or a family might choose to get help from an egg bank, such as CooperSurgical’s Donor Egg Bank USA, including: premature ovarian failure, low ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, history of genetic disease, same sex families, and more.
    Donor Egg Bank USA’s network recruits a wide variety of egg donors who are motivated to help others realize their dream of having a family and works with contributing clinics to help ensure that the donor eggs meet quality standards.